Miami-Dade County Voters: Here is Your Roadmap to a $100 Billion Economic Stimulus Package - Redevelop the Port of Miami

In my prior post on September 20, 2012 titled: Welcome to the THINK BIG MIAMI PROJECT - Creating a Better 21st Century Economy for Miami, I presented a $50 to $100 Billion economic development idea for Miami-Dade county voters to consider.  

Today, I present a 'plan of action' to successfully EXECUTE this idea into reality over the next 6-9 months. (NOTE: The South Florida Business Journal did a news story on it last fall (Sept. 26, 2012) titled: The wildest South Florida redevelopment project ever)

My Proposed Plan & Project Updates:

We (like-minded citizens of Miami) have recently formed a non-profit 501(c4) organization with the State of Florida called the THINK BIG MIAMI PROJECT. Our goal is to raise $1m or more in charitable donations from like-minded individuals, companies and associations, in order to:

  • Conduct a detailed economic study and forecast by a top-tier consulting firm to validate this significant economic opportunity for the South Florida region.
  • Produce a series of informative and educational TV ads to run on multiple channels to make all Miami-Dade county officials and citizens (voters) aware of the study's findings, and to quantify the opportunity and benefits, which could lead to a county-wide referendum.
  • Once a county-wide referendum date is set, we will advocate the passing of this referendum by Miami-Dade citizens up through Election Day.
  • When Miami-Dade citizens vote on this referendum, and pass it (which we believe they will once they are aware of the benefits of massive job creation, lower real estate taxes, better funded schools, police, fire protection, etc...), then the County commissioners will execute the voter mandated referendum to put up for sale, joint venture or merger the Port of Miami's container business and infrastructure with other neighboring Florida Ports (i.e. Port Everglades, Tampa or maybe Jax).  Then a master land-use plan will be created, and the County shall move forward with qualified bids to sell this land worth $6 to $9 billion to veteran developers (with specific land uses assigned to plot bids, and timelines to build and deliver project components)...hence the creation of billions of dollars in proceeds to the County from their Dodge Island land sales, which will lead to significant job creation from the $50 to $100 billion of new construction activity over the next five to seven years, while also generating hundreds of millions of dollars of additional (and recurring) property and resort tax revenues to the county - forever!

THINK BIG MIAMI PROJECT Advisory Board (initial)

Darrell Kelley - Is the former COO of Holland & Knight law firm and past president of Enterprise Florida, who was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush. Prior to that, Darrell spent 38-years in the telecommunications industry as president of three separate Sprint companies in Ohio, Texas and Florida.

David Pearson - Is an accredited member of the Miami chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and received their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. In 1991 he was given the coveted President's Award of the Florida Audubon Society for his work in conservation. He has served as advisor and political strategist for former U.S. Senator (former Governor) Bob Graham, Florida Governors Lawton Chiles, Rubin Askew and LeRoy Collins. He also served in both the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations in Washington, DC.

Michael Gerrity - founder, CEO & Global Publisher of the World Property Channel based in Miami, Fla.

Seth Gordon - is a veteran civic, business and political leader with service in state and local government and in the private sector as head of public affairs or the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, senior vice president of Citibank Florida and managing partner of a highly accomplished business and political consulting firm serving a distinguished clientele. In the community, Gordon was the founder and long-time chairman of the board of the New World School of the Arts as well as chairman of the Miami Film Festival, the Florida Entertainment Commission, the Miami Arts and Entertainment Council, The Education Fund, and a number of other community organizations.

THINK BIG MIAMI PROJECT can potentially generate 100x the current "profit" the Port of Miami generates for the County of approximately $20m ($120m in gross container revenues, less port's current $100m in annual bond payments, debt service and expenses = $20m in "real" revenues) to the county from its current container operations...that's it...$20m in income from land worth over $9 billion...and worth between $50 to $100 billion after a 7 to 10 year full build out of 50m to 100m square feet of total urban space. 

In closing, I want to reiterate three points:

1. I mean no disrespect to anyone who works at the Port of Miami or Govt. employees who work there. They are a very professional group that work very hard at what they do (and good at it too)...this is simply a "better business case" of how to maximize value and extract significantly more revenues for all of Miami-Dade county citizens to enjoy with a much "higher-and-better" land use of the county's 100% owned island.

2. I have no economic gain or benefit from this project (I champion this project as a private Miami-Dade county citizen). I am not working for, tied to, or have a 'future promised' job to work for any related or potential developer, hotel operator or convention center authority. Besides, I love my day job as CEO and founder of WORLD PROPERTY CHANNEL!

3. I am not the first one to advocate relocating the Port of Miami.   It has been contemplated for decades.   However, I am the first to "put action" behind the idea to make it a reality.  Henry Ford did not invent the automobile-- he invented a better and more efficient assembly process. I advocate that we put in place the intellectual, political, financial and economic assembly line to redevelop Dodge Island into a world-class convention, business and urban residential city for the 21st century.
If you share in this collective vision, I would like to invite you to become involved and make a donation today by mailing your tax deductible checks ($100 minimum, but there's no maximum limit to donations) payable to:

1221 Brickell Ave, Ste 900
Miami, Fl 33131

Thank you,
Michael Gerrity

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